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Products & Services

Essentially William Nicholls Ltd offers a builders’ materials buying service​. Ideal for small building companies who don’t have a buying function in-house, William Nicholls will do all that hard work for them. Not only will this ease the pressure of placing orders, but it also reduces the number of invoices ​and reconciliation they have to do at the end of the month. Simple!

William Nicholls Ltd takes the role of a buyer​ for their clients, working closely with their on-site employees to ensure the deliveries of the materials are both correct for their needs but also at a competitive price. The advantage of them having advance knowledge of the build makes for a very easy and speedy interaction when speaking with them about their clients’ needs.

William Nicholls Ltd provides the builder with a comprehensive, easy to read, priced schedule of the heavy side materials required​ for each individual project. This can be used to monitor budgets and aid the project manager, saving both time and money.

Peter will often visit the building sites to check stock levels and build timings​ to keep everything on track. He’s never far away and will pull out all the stops to ensure his clients’ building materials never let them down or delay them in any way.

A brick matching service​ is also a speciality of William Nicholls Ltd. They will work with their clients to ensure there are no unsightly discrepancies between the existing build and
any new extensions or additions. It’s often harder than you think but no stone will be left unturned until they find the perfect match available.

William Nicholls Ltd has been involved in many specialist build projects​. From sourcing glass staircases, to fabricated steel frames, no job is too complex or unique despite what the architects throw at them.

Take a look at our gallery to see some of the work William Nicholls Ltd has been involved with.

Products include:

  • Bricks of all types
  • Blocks, again all types
  • Aggregates and cement
  • Insulations for all areas, floors, walls and roof
  • Fabricated steels
  • Lintels, concrete and steel
  • Brick Arches
  • Windows and Doors
  • Garage doors
  • Roofing materials, membranes, tiles, lead, shingles
  • Timber carcassing and roof trusses